Why this blog?

I often find myself the odd man (woman as it is) out in my thinking, my opinions and my views. I wonder about things that others seem to glaze over and I give challenge to things that make others uncomfortable. In part as an outlet for my rants, and in part as a break for the few trusted confidants that have tolerated and kept pace with those rants to this point, this is now my venue.

Maybe no one reads this and it becomes conversations I have with myself in some ridiculous cycle of pity for the world infused with sparks of happiness disguised as the everyday mundane. Maybe it becomes a massive stroke of genius that inspires kindness among the masses, most unlikely of outcomes. Or maybe it just impacts one heart, one soul, to give kindness another look, another try….maybe that heart and soul is just mine.

For the vast majority of the entries I will make no attempt to edit or proofread my work and if someone does end up reading this and finds it that hard to follow….well as one of my beloved comedians always says, “SUCK IT”!